Dr. Guillem Aromí

Universitat de Barcelona


New Laboratories

Space is available at our new research laboratories, opened for use in Jannuary 2005. The labs are equipped for organic and inorganic synthesis, including air sensitive preparative chemistry.

SQUID Magnetometer and EPR Spectrometer

Our group has privileged access to a recently acquired SQUID magnetometer (Quantum Design MPMS XL-5) and a X-Band EPR Spectrometer (ESR 3) than can operate at variable temperature (down to liquid Helium).

NMR Facilities

Researchers have full access to the NMR Facilities of the Unitat de Ressonŕncia Magnčtica Nuclear of the Universitat de Barcelona.

Glove BOX

An inert atmosphere glove box is maintained in perfect condition for handling of air sensitive materials