Dr. Guillem Aromí

Universitat de Barcelona

Publications 2010


(98) “Synthesis and Properties of Unsymmetric Dinuclear Complexes  of Ln(III) (Ln= Eu, Gd, Tb)” D. Aguilà, L.  A. Barrios, F. Luis, A. Repollés, O. Roubeau, S. J. Teat, G. Aromí, Inog. Chem., 2010, 49 (15), 6784-6786.


(97) “Synthesis of a novel heptacoordinated Fe(III) dinuclear complex: Experimental and theoretical study of the magnetic propertiesCraig, Gavin A.; Barrios, Leoni A.; Costa, Jose Sanchez; Roubeau, Olivier; Ruiz, Eliseo; Teat, Simon J.; Wilson, Chick C.; Thomas, Lynne; Aromi, Guillem. Dalton Transactions  2010,  39(20),  4874-4881.


(96) “Hydrogen bond assisted co-crystallization of a bimetallic MnIII2NiII2 cluster and a NiII2 cluster unit: synthesis, structure, spectroscopy and magnetismNayak, Sanjit; Aromi, Guillem; Teat, Simon J.; Ribas-Arino, Jordi; Gamez, Patrick; Reedijk, Jan., Dalton Transactions, 2010,  39(20),  4986-4990.


(95) “Rare Oxidation-State Combinations and Unusual Structural Motifs in Hexanuclear Mn Complexes Using 2-Pyridyloximate LigandsStoumpos, Constantinos C.; Inglis, Ross; Roubeau, Olivier; Sartzi, Harikleia; Kitos, Alexandros A.; Milios, Constantinos J.; Aromi, Guillem; Tasiopoulos, Anastasios J.; Nastopoulos, Vasilios; Brechin, Euan K.; Perlepes, Spyros P.   Inorganic Chemistry, 2010,  49(10),  4388-4390.


(94) “The Highest-Nuclearity Manganese/Oximate Complex: An Unusual MnII/III15 Cluster with an S = 6 Ground State”  Alexandropoulos, Dimitris I.; Papatriantafyllopoulou, Constantina; Aromi, Guillem; Roubeau, Olivier; Teat, Simon J.; Perlepes, Spyros P.; Christou, George; Stamatatos, Theocharis C., Inorganic Chemistry, 2010,  49(9),  3962-3964.


(93) "Depolymerization" Approach in Mn Cluster Chemistry: Controlled Cleavage of a 1D Coordination Polymer Consisting of Mn8 Units in Its Constituent, Discrete Mn8 ComplexStoumpos, Constantinos C.; Roubeau, Olivier; Aromi, Guillem; Tasiopoulos, Anastasios J.; Nastopoulos, Vassilios; Escuer, Albert; Perlepes, Spyros P.   Inorganic Chemistry, 2010,  49(2),  359-361.