Organometallic chemistry: synthesis and applications of cyclometallated compounds
Inorganic Chemistry Section
Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Department

Chemistry Faculty
Diagonal Campus
Barcelona University
Martí i Franquès, 1-11
08028 Barcelona

Foto grup 2018

June of 2018
Members and collaborators of the group, from left- to right-hand: Joan Albert, Elena Borrego (TFM), Ariadna Lázaro (TFM), Jaume Granell, Ramon Bosque, Margarita Crespo, Basma Raad Shakir Al-Janabi (TFM), Alexis Rios (TFG). Click here to visit the website for diffusion of our last financed research project results[CTQ2015-65040-P (Principal researcher: Dr Jaume Granell)].

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